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Spineless Classics

Media mashups are often iffy propositions. “Artistic segregation” might sound like a bad thing, but there’s usually a good reason why artisticĀ genres, types and mediums are remorselessly assigned to their narrow cubbies. Andy Warhol never should have tried making movies, … Continue reading

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Back with Bourdain, bringing a dark Christmas

Anthony Bourdain has a dark side; that’s at least half of what makes him so entertaining. But Bourdain can’t be blamed for the dismembering of Christmas-cheer that is the legend of Krampus. Krampus is St. Nick’s demonic sidekick, according to … Continue reading

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The Panel of Lions

What can we tell from the most cursory examination of this painting? Well, it’s plain to see that a pride of lions is stalking something. The object of their fascination isn’t visible to us, but all of them are clearly … Continue reading

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Guernica 3D

Is great art static? Does it capture a moment in time, then remain unchanged for posterity? Or is it permissible to reinterpret historical masterpieces with modern technology for the sake of new appreciation? These aren’t hypothetical questions. Artist Lena Gieseke … Continue reading

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