Back with Bourdain, bringing a dark Christmas

Anthony Bourdain has a dark side; that’s at least half of what makes him so entertaining.

But Bourdain can’t be blamed for the dismembering of Christmas-cheer that is the legend of Krampus. Krampus is St. Nick’s demonic sidekick, according to certain Alpine folklore, who punishes little children on Santa’s naughty list not with coal but with, um, murder. Redrum. Redrum most foul.

But credit Anthony Bourdain, a master-chef of many pursuits, for this ghastly retelling (for many of us a first introduction) of Krampus. And credit his longtime production partners, Zero Point Zero, with spot on stop motion. So enjoy Anthony Bourdain’s A Krampus Carol.

And don’t forget to to share the tale with your unruly children, and let them know that the sound of approaching hooves on Christmas Eve might not at all be what they’re hoping for.

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