RIP Andy Griffith (June 1 1926 – July 3 2012)

Fondest possible farewell to Andrew Samuel Griffith, favorite North Carolina son and favorite fictional North Carolina sheriff.

Stand-up comic, gospel singer, political activist. Not to mention actor, whose roles defined American television for decades.

But he wasn’t just Sheriff Taylor and Lawyer Ben Matlock. He was, by all accounts and by all evidence, as nice a guy¬†as he played on TV. Make no mistake though, he was a talented actor who could handle complex, even dark roles with aplomb.

Want proof? Check out his film debut, A Face in the Crowd (1957). His character was decidedly not a nice guy, while his acting was astoundingly good. Awesome film, highly recommended.

And that’s how I choose to remember Andy Griffith: an outstanding human being with understated yet undeniable talent. He’s a cornerstone of American culture who’ll be greatly missed but also always with us.

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