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Football fame, the wrong way

Andre Parker, linebacker for the Kent State Golden Flashes, is internet-famous today. Pretty impressive after playing just his first game of this college football season. But he’s probably not enjoying that fame, and more’s the pity because it’s probably going … Continue reading

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Only I can disenfranchise me

There is no compromise in the latter-day American political culture. Every side is convinced that they’re right, that the other side’s wrong, and that compromise equals betrayal. Lockstep conformity to ideology is the order of the day. It’s probably no … Continue reading

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RIP Neil Armstrong (Aug 5, 1930 – Aug 25, 2012)

A sad farewell with greatest possible respect to fellow Ohioan, Korean War veteran, Naval aviator, and immortally intrepid explorer, Neil Alden Armstrong. One unforgettable mission, a quarter-million trail-blazing miles, and a single quote which captivated the world are things for … Continue reading

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I tumbl for you

There just might be something unforgivably self-referential in using one blog to plug another. But anyway, here we go. Tumblr is an exponentially growing “micro blog” platform. Twitter, with its 140 teensy characters, has stolen and muddied that “micro” designation, … Continue reading

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Art theft by amnesia?

Revisiting conspicuous art theft, we’re happy to say that this time, at least, the thief has been caught and the art recovered. New South Wales lawyer Michael Sullivan, seen here on CCTV examining two paintings by artist James Willebrant (after … Continue reading

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Literary mis-steps this week

A couple of notable literary miscarriages are up for our review and head-shaking this week. First on deck, Fareed Zakaria, CNN pundit, Time Magazine editor and author of the massively influential 2008 book, The Post American World, admitted to plagiarizing … Continue reading

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Happily introducing HTT

Hope you’ll join me in welcoming Hot Tech Today, a particularly exciting tech blog for which I have the honor of contributing. Yet another tech blog, you’re saying. Oh, no. Not at all. This is something new entirely. I won’t … Continue reading

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RIP Gore Vidal (Oct. 3, 1925 – July 31, 2012)

So passes perhaps America’s last great man of letters, Eugene Luther Gore Vidal. Novelist, essayist, playwright, screenwriter, actor, and social critic; Gore Vidal has been an unmistakable, unforgettable voice in American culture since the late 1940s. Scion of two wealthy … Continue reading

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