Happily introducing HTT

Hope you’ll join me in welcoming Hot Tech Today, a particularly exciting tech blog for which I have the honor of contributing.

Yet another tech blog, you’re saying. Oh, no. Not at all. This is something new entirely. I won’t spoil the surprise, will instead urge you to head on over there and see for yourself. Here’s one hint, though: eye candy.

What’s also different is the awesomeness to come. HTT is currently in a ramp-up/shake-down phase (which nonetheless includes great daily content), with a future that will be awesome to behold: podcasts, interactive e-mags, and much, much more. Stay tuned and be delighted.

For now, check in often with Hot Tech Today to see what’s new. And enjoy this teaser, with its barest hints of the great stuff that’s on its way:

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