Inside the Whitney’s I-You-We exhibition

It’s not often that a storied art collection like that of New York’s Whitney Museum gets up and changes address. But that’s exactly what’s going to happen in 2015, when the museum’s new downtown building is complete, and the Whitney bids farewell to Madison Avenue, its home since 1966.

As construction proceeds, the Whitney curators are in a unique position to reevaluate the breadth and depth of their collection, in the context of this historical uprooting. And they’re acting accordingly—with an ongoing series of retrospective exhibitions, intended to explore cultural messaging inherent in art…which sometimes only becomes obvious with the passage of time.

One such exhibition is the recently completed I-You-We, which reintroduced  art originally added to the Whitney collection in the eighties and nineties. Viewed now from a vantagepoint with two decades gone, we have to ask ourselves: Has the art changed? Or is it just us?

You be the judge:

And best wishes and bountiful feng shui to the Whitney Museum in its new home.

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