America evolves

Evolution takes time, and all that America has needed to evolve toward equality and inclusiveness is time. We’ve needed time to nurture a generation that’s willing to judge people based on who they are, versus what they look like or who they love. And we’ve needed at least as much time to retire the divisive generations who’ve come before.

We are by no means at the end of this road. Hate subsides with utmost tenacity. But we have had our victories, have we not? And are we not entitled to celebrate them?

A week ago we saw the Confederacy, at long last (and spurred on by the most horrific of causes), begin to recognize and accept its defeat and dissolution.

And then today, we’ve learned of the legalization of marriage equality from coast to coast.

Tomorrow new fronts in old wars will open up. Other injustices will rise, and will need to be addressed. Our sort of self-induced evolution has no allowance for complacency.

But let’s leave that until then. For today let’s just enjoy what we’ve won.

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