RIP Gene Wilder (June 11, 1933 – Aug 29, 2016)

Occasionally an actor passes, and it’s only after they’re gone that you realize how much they truly meant. We lost Gene Wilder today, and can now reflect upon his enormous and invaluable impact. From his genre-defining collaborations with Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor, to his generational classic turn as Willy Wonka, to his star-crossed marriage to Gilda Radner (can you imagine how funny they must have been together?)—which resulted in his whole-hearted advocacy for cancer awareness…in his wake we can now appreciate how many of the smiles, gut-laughs, and warm good feelings of decades past this man was responsible for.

Gene Wilder died today, aged 83, from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.

May he rest in peace. And may we continue to ever enjoy the enormous and endlessly entertaining body of work he so selflessly gave. What more might we get, now that this comedic genius is gone? We’ll let him answer for himself…

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