Earth Day 2017 – now we march

Never before has reason and rationality been so key to the survival of our species and our planet. Denial of overwhelming evidence and disdain for the proven efficacy of the scientific method has created an unprecedented, unparalleled danger, of the existential sort.

That’s grim, startlingly so. But all is not lost.

Turns out that disdain and denial aren’t as widespread as the Cassandra media would have it. Turns out that although there are those who foolishly or cynically dismiss the self-evident (and, regrettably, too many of these hold positions of power), we can now see clearly that their numbers are small, and diminishing.

There are more of us than there are of them.

It is prophetically fitting that today is both Earth Day, and also the day that the resistance comes out to March for Science. Make no mistake: this is, and must be, a revolution. The stakes couldn’t be higher; to cede science is to cede our home planet. And as our revolutionary slogan proclaims, there is no planet B.

May Earth Day 2017 stiffen our resolve, and may it be remembered as the turning point in the struggle wherein we saved ourselves. We all are equally responsible for whatever outcome is on our horizon. Whether we veer away from self-destruction, or we continue on the path we’re already on, the choice—and our future–is entirely in our own hands.

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