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Detroit is your playground – artist misplaces his tiger in the Packard Plant ruins

If you think it’s cool to play fast and loose as an urban artiste in the ruins of a once great American city–where, by the way, people still have to live–then you might be an elitist jackass. British photographer David Yarrow defines himself … Continue reading

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Richard Prince: borrowing talent, selling a lie

Careful what you upload to Instagram. You just might wind up an inadvertent and uncompensated collaborator to serial fauxtographer, Richard Prince. Prince seems to have built a career by profiting from a fine line that most artists, writers, and harried … Continue reading

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Is the art world wracked by fraud?

Seems like a dirty little secret of the art world, one that’s probably been whispered about since art became a commodity and collections became investments, is breaking out into the open. Dealers, curators, and those investment-level collectors probably aren’t sanguine about … Continue reading

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