They Are Voracious

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The queen’s needs come first, above all else.

We lie in the darkest corners of the earth, in order to orchestrate and control and cultivate the lesser beings.

When their numbers are sufficient, they will sustain our race.

We are those who remain nameless, faceless. Until our queen calls upon us to rise and take our place.

We are the chosen ones who will inherit the earth.  We are immortal.  We are hungry and need to eat very soon.

They cannot see us if we choose not to reveal ourselves. They cannot hear us, if we remain quiet.

They cannot stop us.

Humans are weak and we are strong.  Our queen is strong.

We live, if she lives.

Long live our queen.

Long live us.

It’s time to feed.

They move in strange ways. Those who see them are quick to forget, and even quicker to deny their presence, even to themselves. Those who carry out their will barely recognize the cold hands upon their shoulders. Those who whisper of their actions are silenced, or shunned, or worse. Blame, suspicion, legend and panic – such things glide over them as shadows fading with the coming of dusk. Such things remain unchanged, and they are on the move.

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They watch:

He looked down at his garb once again, admiring the fine fabric and the subtle embellishments. His latest ensemble was certain to impress, if only his own kind. He stood outside, admiring the moonlight and awaiting his companions. Across from him, near the park, a pathetic human was trying to do some sort of romantic gesture upon a female. He shook his head; they really were a useless lot, wasting time on meaningless entreaties that they barely had the lifespan to understand.

A thin smile formed as he thought of a way to amuse himself while he awaited the others. The male was kneeling on the grass, no doubt getting his poor excuse for trousers dirty. He almost felt cheery watching as he urged the female to break her lover’s heart. He licked his lips; the sadness and suffering of these things was almost as enjoyable as using them for food.

VORACIOUS now available! Click HERE !

Ebook version click HERE

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They hear the voice of their queen:

“What you are seeing, my children, what I’m showing you, are artifacts of the High Minoan Culture. Island of

Crete, eight thousand years ago, mis-dated by the humans to five thousand years. Your ancestors devoured this culture and scattered its survivors.

After a long dark age, there rose in the north the Indo-Europeans, the so-called Corded-Ware people. They crawled their way from savagery to mere primitivism. They were subjugated to us but their numbers were low and they kept dwindling.

So we bided our time and controlled our hungers.

Now, my children. We’ve permitted them agriculture and given them technology. We’ve restrained ourselves and watched them grow to seven billions.

My poor, lovely children. You’ve been so patient, so brave. Soon we feed at will.”

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Patrick Worden delivers a unique story, horrifying monsters, characters with depth, and a dark prose style that will have you checking for monsters before the lights go out. Dripping with tension and loaded with chills, Voracious will both satisfy you and leave you hungering for more”                                        Carl Hose, author of Blood Legacy

“A crackerjack story…a stylish, enjoyable thriller with wit to spare.”   –Akron Beacon Journal – Book Talk

“A really nifty, clever … book. The story’s told in a series of reports written in the field by Donovan and Kempthorn, as they end up on the run and hiding out from the growing, increasingly angry and determined hemavore menace. It makes for a unique style that is gripping, immediate and very readable.”Christine Morgan, The Horror Fiction Review

“I just bought this book and the writer is terrific so I wanted to post a review. You know how it is – you can tell in the first paragraph sometimes, if the writer knows their craft and this one certainly does.”Susan H., Smashwords Reviewer

“I just want to let people know that they would be doing themselves a favor by checking this book out. Worden has a gift with words, and this story is like Christmas morning. Highly recommended.–Mark S., Amazon Reviewer

Voracious now available – Ebook version click HERE

Kindle Nook

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