Josh Spero takes on the art$

Sometimes you just have to get yourself kicked out.

Writer, editor, and fellow-traveling art blogger Josh Spero calls out the art world’s misplaced values in a guest post this week in Hyperallergic. Do yourself a favor and read it in full…and/or enjoy this thumbnail recap:

Mr. Spero apparently had the temerity to notice the emperor’s nudity, by questioning the staff at a private gallery in London regarding the Picasso pictured here. Notice the color mismatching around the heads of the central figure and the figure on the right. Spero pointed out what no one else had dared: surely this painting was unfinished.

Gallery staff assured him the painting was most certainly finished, because “This work has sold very well at auction several times.”

And that, my friends, is the plague upon the art world today. Aesthetics be damned, cash money be praised.

Josh Spero, perhaps on behalf of us all, took issue with this attitude, and was politely but firmly asked to remove himself from the premises. I hope he left with his head held high.

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