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Katie Paterson and Margaret Atwood play the literary long game

Great literature might be timeless, but until now both of those superlatives—greatness and timelessness—have been unintended (and probably too-good-to-be-hoped-for) parts of the writing experience. Writers write, readers judge, and history ultimately decides. That’s how it’s always gone Leave it to … Continue reading

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Books are evolving (and not the way you think)

Plenty has been written about the quantum evolution we’ve witnessed in the world of publishing over the last ten or fifteen years. It’s true that a slim majority of books now in print are actually just that–in print; in a … Continue reading

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Why I love the Kindle

I’ll start with a defensive-sounding disclaimer: I love me some books. I love me some old school books. By way of evidence (also somewhat defensively) I offer this snap of my recent haul. Long story, but most of these books … Continue reading

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Scary, scary monsters, now available!

Now available through Booklocker.com: Voracious by yours truly (distribution will be picked up within mere days by Amazon, Barnes&Noble and all your favorite book-hawkers; ebook version dropping within a week). ‚ÄúPatrick Worden delivers a unique story, horrifying monsters, characters with … Continue reading

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Books as business, or books as art?

Books are dying, if not already dead. Or they’re bigger than ever. Or maybe they’re lining Schr√∂dinger’s litter box, because both facts seem to be simultaneously true. Technology, including print-on-demand and electronic readers, has expanded publishing unlike anything since Guttenberg … Continue reading

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Made in the USA

Want to support American jobs? Buy a book. Printers, writers, booksellers, librarians, loggers, editors — these are few of the mostly domestic jobs your book-buying buck underwrites. I think this holds true for most countries, and I’m certain it’s true … Continue reading

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The end of all mankind! (for lulz)

You would think, wouldn’t you, that one of the primary tenets of the entertainment industry would be: don’t bum out your audience. But how then are we to explain the post-apocalypse drama? Each year, amongst the slew of sparkly vampire … Continue reading

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