RIP, Liz

Liz Taylor has died at age 79. She was a legendary actress, two-time Oscar winner, and probably as famous for her eight marriages as she was for her Hollywood career.

Later in life she took flack for her weight, for her relationships with younger men, for her friendship with Michael Jackson.

But let’s forget all that, and remember one very important thing about Elizabeth Taylor: she had violet eyes. Violet eyes! How is that…possible? The only explanation I’m willing to consider, in the first blush of remembering her life, is that she was simply sent here to show us what a starlet was supposed to be.

As for the specifics of her career, I’ll leave it to the more movie-savvy to write that part of her obituary. I will heartily recommend one of her lesser known roles, as the ghost of Helen of Troy (yes, really) in Doctor Faustus (1967). Very odd yet compelling movie, closely following the dialogue of the 1604 Marlowe play. But she starred opposite Sir Richard Burton, and that was always something worth seeing.

Rest in peace, Liz. There’ll never be another one like you.

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