Meditate on this…

And here we have my first non-fiction book.

Meditation, you say? How…exciting. I know. I know. When you meditate, you pretty much just sit there. Not exactly sexy.

But what you’re really doing, in a way completely invisible to outside observers, is altering your brain-wave pattern and thus altering your consciousness. Just temporarily, to be sure, but that temporary change can be life altering.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that meditation is THE key to my creativity, productivity and probably what’s left of my sanity. Meditation allows me to wake in the morning, then work-play-learn, then write in the evening. And it allows me to keep an even keel, and (usually) a sunny disposition throughout all of that.

I have also found that meditation primes the mind to problem-solve in ways that are simply unavailable through normal consciousness. And in Meditations: 30 Days to Self-Made Happiness I describe a deceptively simple way to first achieve that meditative consciousness, and then problem-solve via visualization, and concentration on specific questions or scenarios.

And because everyone tries meditation for different reasons, I’ve targeted those visualizations and scenarios toward three specific meditation goals: growth, healing and contentment. So if you’re meditating in order to make yourself a better person, or to get through some pain, or to simply enjoy life, I’ve got ya covered.

As is always true with all my Smashwords e-books, Meditations: 30 Days to Self-Made Happiness is available in all e-reader formats, including Kindle, Sony, Nook and .pdf. Free excerpts are available with the click of a mouse button.

But let me sweeten that offer (because I can, and because I want to!). Check out the free excerpt of my new book, and I’ll give you my last book, also absolutely free. Just navigate to Refrigerator Magnets, select it for purchase, then enter coupon code LM35T (not case sensitive) during check out. And it’s all yours!

And no matter what else you do, do give meditation a shot. You won’t regret it.

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