This week in conspicuous art theft

Isn’t it great when the thief looks directly at the camera?

At about 6pm, on Thursday, August 11, the master criminal depicted above strolled into the Marc Ecko Gallery on West 23rd Street in Manhattan, and strolled out with $100,000 worth of purloined art. His haul was an acrylic-on-advertising poster, created in 1999 by the Brooklyn artist KAWS (neƩ Brian Donnelly).

In its reporting on Friday, The Village Voice dubs the thief a “hipster-type person,” to which The Deconstruction must protest. It’s the mustache, isn’t it V.V.? So unfair. A mustache does not automatically a hipster make. The Deconstruction, for one, was favoring really obscure mustaches (you’ve probably never heard of them) long before hipsters, and this art thief, came along.

In any case, as fun and interesting as art theft can be, it becomes a lot less interesting when/if it’s revealed to be a P.R. stunt. We’re not jumping to conclusions (well okay, maybe we are), but in 2006 the selfsame Marc Ecko rented then re-painted a Boeing 747, all in the pursuit of internet famedom, as the guy who tagged Air Force One.

Sorry, Marc Ecko, but contrived criminality isn’t edgy or compelling, In fact, it’s kind of lame.

Oh, but the NYPD is investigating Thursday’s theft. So if it turns out you stole from your own gallery, maybe you’ll finally get to wear those shiny bracelets you like to pretend you deserve.

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7 Responses to This week in conspicuous art theft

  1. The last word on mustaches:

    Generally, 3 types of men have mustaches:

    1. Cops / Military
    2. Firemen
    3. Homosexuals

    Hipsters moved on to full beards a couple of years ago, but some are still clinging to the ironic mustache. Because they are douches.

    • The Count speaks with assured authority, so we’ll take his word as gospel.

      Interesting to note, though, how few ‘staches you see in the homoerotic judo/bbj world.

      And finally, word to all the young depressed grapplers and shoot fighters out there: It gets better.

  2. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

  3. This is certainly a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the greatest bloggers I ever saw.I appreciate you posting this interesting article.

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