Made in the USA

Want to support American jobs? Buy a book.

Printers, writers, booksellers, librarians, loggers, editors — these are few of the mostly domestic jobs your book-buying buck underwrites.

I think this holds true for most countries, and I’m certain it’s true in the U.S.: publication of general-audience-targeted fiction and non-fiction, which tend to be culturally specific, is therefore more often than not a domestic, if not regional industry. There are exceptions of course – the more mass-marketed the material, and the more it includes color, plastic, gizmos, etc., then the more likely it’s manufactured overseas.

But plain old black-and-white printed on pulp – more often than not that’s conceived, produced, printed and distributed within the same borders where you’re consuming it.

Since the days when your nose was continually snotty, folks have been trying to convince you to read because it’s good for you. If that hasn’t gotten through by now…

…then read a book, whether you buy it, borrow it or look at it over someone’s shoulder, because it’s your patriotic duty to support that industry. Don’t make the eagle cry – read a book.

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  1. Dale Zirin says:

    I didn’t know that.

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