Cthulhu on Etsy

This is one Great Old One that’s everywhere. Including, prominently, the ‘net’s best clearinghouse for cottage crafts: Etsy.

Every time the dreams and the drums have brought me back to Cthulhu (see here here and here), I’ve warned you how precarious his sleep is. And how hungry he’ll wake.

Well not even Lovecraft knew this, but it turns out your only hope to placate Cthulhu is to buy fresh art from the artist. Weird, right? But guaranteed. I guarantee it.

Cthulhu Drawing - H.P. Lovecraft 7x10 cosmic horror art print

Cthulhu Cookie Mold

Cthulhu Figurine

Cthulhu leather mask, hand-painted in metallic black and silver

Jolly Roger Cthulhu unisex tshirt. size S-XL

Cthulhu Ski Hat

Cthulhu Lies Dreaming Cross Stitch Pattern

Cthulhu Minion Wire Wrapped Ring in Copper

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