Banksy took Manhattan – the movie?

Has it really been nearly a year since enigmatic Brit street artist Banksy steamrolled NYC? New Yorkers aren’t likely to forget the experience any time soon, but just in case the rest of us have, his website is now hosting an intriguing video that brings it all back into focus.

But the question, as it always is with so much of Banksy’s work, is—why? And how much should we read into the fact that the video is labeled: “Better Out Than In – The Movie” …?

Banksy (and what is this guy’s real name, anyway?!) has already been involved in a few film projects, including a couple turns as documentary director in 2010 and 2011. Is that what we’re seeing a preview of today? Is another Banksy movie, one concentrating on his 2013 NYC assault, in the offing?

Or is this yet another Banksy pranksy?

Beats me. Click play below, and take your best guess….

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