Tattoo new – culling sound from the ink

Staying with the tattoo theme for just a moment longer, the Deconstruction offers the sincerest of hat tips to Muscovite artist Dmitry Morozov (nom d’arte ::vtol::) for creating something brand new with what we’ve just this past week nominated as a most ancient art form.

The mechanics and technology couldn’t be much simpler: the tattoo is a bar code, and ultimately, a musical score. The reader is a cobbled-together, cyborg-esque instrument. The result (which as both a project and performance piece deserves more examination, so see here) is a weird and compelling sonic assault that the artist quite literally bled for. Forget practicality (which is anathema to most art and most tattooing anyway) and simply accept this as an unexpected progression for both music and body modification.

And give a listen — let ::vtol:: play you the song that’s written on his skin:

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