Blue planet

Water is life so they say and they must have a point seven-tenths of earth’s surface is water after all but wait hold on more than 97 percent of that water is poisonous to us can’t drink it really rather deadly though we splash on the edges of it and sail all around on it we gotta keep an eye on it because it rears upĀ sometimes and smashes just reaches out and swallows us but then of course there’s the 2.7 percent of its fresher variety that we drink quite readily of and wash cars and armpits and dogs and dishes with and we should note for the sake of accuracy that only 1 percent of that 2.7 is actually clean and within reach and the ultimate irony if not patent proof of our unfitness for being is that even that freshest and most accessible water would still kill us no shit in 4 minutes or less in if we just shove our face in it.

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