I culture you (part 1)

What is culture? By one definition it’s a thriving petri dish. That one’s a metaphor for human culture only if you’ve got the cynical-ist disposition toward your fellow man.

I ain’t comin atcha like that. When it comes to culture I rein in my cynical-istidy, I come at it reverently, I deconstruct only because I must. It’s a must.

So here’s where I give back. Cultural instructions, deconstructed. For you. (In a continuing way, starting…now)

Chapter 1: “‘tini”

There are many multi-word drinks that end in “martini.” There is only one one-word drink that does. When I order a martini and they ask “gin?” I want to see their liquor license revoked.

And there are many ways to jazz up gin and vermouth. I say let’s try them all. But again, when I give my one-word order, here is precisely what I expect: martini, dirty, chilled. Touch of lemon. At least an olive or two; feel free to jazz up the garnish if ya got ‘em.

About editor, facilitator, decider

Doesn't know much about culture, but knows when it's going to hell in a handbasket.
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