Preempted for Superbowl 2014

Apologies to my non-football-enjoying friends, and to readers of the Deconstruction from all those distant shores. I get that you don’t get it. American football doesn’t get a lot of love around the world, but I know you know that it gets a lot of love back here stateside.

Which makes this Sunday unlike any other Sunday, at least for a lot of us yanks, and certainly for all us here in Deconstruction HQ. Which is to say, it’s nearly time for us to go dark. There are chicken wings to flambĂ©, ranch dip to churn, and a slick selection of craft beers that are dying to get into mah belly.

And oh yes, in a few hours, there will be football.

By way of saying ciao, I offer you these glimpses of Deconstructed Superbowl Sundays past. And if anyone’s asking, I’ll take Denver by 3. Don’t ask me why; ask this guy instead—he’s yelling so he must know something we don’t:

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  1. Edited to add – Denver by 3? Ha! What a travesty that game was. Should have found something much more productive to do with my time, dammit.

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