#NoDAPL – This madness must stop

Months have passed and seasons have changed, and the Standing Rock stand-off continues.  In freezing weather and in the face of water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets, and truncheons, native Water Defenders and their allies of many nations still hold the line.





It is intolerable, inexplicable, indefensible—that in the twenty-first century the callousness of the profit motive still trumps civil and human rights, even basic human dignity, as completely and assuredly as it ever did in our dark and shameful centuries past.

Make no mistake. These assaults are perpetrated in the name of commerce and consumerism—they are being done on our behalf. Silence is complicity. Acceptance is acquiescence.

If you would reject your silent collusion in an ongoing crime against humanity, then make your voice heard. Be vocal, be persistent. Let no one doubt that the defense of the Missouri is your fight too.

And join me, finally, in the plea we all should be making, the one that must be heard and responded to…

President Obama, this will be your last, indelible legacy. There are no sidelines, not for us and not for you. If it is within your power to stop this madness—and it is—then not another day can go by without your intercession. Stop the brutality, stop the pipeline, stop the madness. #NoDAPL.

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