The heir of the sea

The Air of the sea,

said the heir of the sea–

burrows its way in your bones.


It whispers a plea

one of gilt mystery

and of seeding the depths with unknowns.


The heir of the sea

took us there to the sea–

took us there where the tide meets the land.


He spoke then to me

of things yet to be

and of things bound be↓ow in the the sand.


The fear of the sea

brought the heir of the sea

a league or more u↑p from the coast.


He thought he was free

thought the sea would agree

but the sea fears his freedom the most.


The heir of the sea

stopped hearing the sea

stopped hearing its thunder & waves.


If silence would be

the new voice of the sea

then she’ll speak never more of her graves.


Take good care of the sea,

said the heir of the sea–

take care and show her your grit.


From her storms never flee

let her eyes never see

all the shadows you’d rather forget.


To be dear to the sea

slay the heir of the sea

stay his hand before it raises again.


Do it near to the sea

while the wind blows alee

while the waves rush to take him back in.


I saw the heir of the sea

stop to stare at the sea

he stopped staring when the sight left his eyes.


I thought I might then flee

but he passed me the key–

and I knew then the depths of his lies.


This affair with the sea

- said the heir of the sea -

is really quite more than I’ll bear.


I’m leaving, said he

he left the sea’s LOVE to me.

And the sea and I birthed a new heir ⏳

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