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Max Stossel’s timely poetic appeal

Multi-media philosopher/bard Max Stossel is back with a gut-wrenching plea in the dual, synergistic form of a poem and a video. It is timely, pertinent, and well-nigh inarguable. Give it a watch:

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Nina Paley illuminates the Levant

Artist, activist, filmmaker (and much more) Nina Paley might just have succeeded were corps of cognoscenti and commentators have been left foundering. Their line of inquiry, topical yet perpetual, has been, “Why can’t there be peace in the Middle East?” … Continue reading

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World got you down? Just dance

If you’ve had any exposure to the news over the last week or so, you know things seem to have gotten very, very bad. Tempting though it may be, escapism probably isn’t the answer. I’ve no proof of this, but I … Continue reading

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