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I culture you: Proof of leadership

Jimmy Carter was a teetotaler. So was William Howard Taft. So was George W. Bush, and so was Adolf Hitler. On the other team, among the men who enjoyed a drink or three while they won wars and led powerful … Continue reading

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Culture on Memorial Day

This purports to be a cultural deconstruction thing. An art/film/literature fanboy thing. Kind of thing that’s frivolous around the time of somber memorial holidays. Maybe. Or maybe the line twixt culture, and the service-people sworn to protect that culture, isn’t … Continue reading

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Peanut farmer?

Just had a contentious discussion with someone who insisted that Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer. Jimmy Carter was not a peanut farmer. His family owned a peanut farm, and I imagine he knows a lot about peanut farming. But … Continue reading

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